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Our first DVD set is ready - see below

Set of 3 DVD's

for Boxster and 996 owners!

Save $$$$'s by doing these upgrades yourself!
Dealer installation fees vary from $300 to $600 per upgrade item
Upgrade items can be obtained quite inexpensively
(Typically under $200)
We show how to do this yourself

You save at least $2,000 if you do all upgrades

DVD's are paid for in just one project

Detailed instructions on how to install selected upgrades
for your Boxster or 996.
Step by step instructions on how to proceed.
Do it yourself with this Video DVD.
Even if you are not mechanically or electronically inclined

Almost 7 hours of Video
Clear Video, High Resolution (720x480),
Professionally Edited

We are now getting great reviews and feedback
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DVD 2: On Board Computer & Activation
(2x stalk, switch and tiptronic),
Steering Wheel Swap,
Activation with PST-2,
Hardtop Installation

- 2hr 22m 59s playing time
DVD 1: Electronics installs:
Litronic Retrofit, Extra Footage,
Rear Speaker, CD Changer,
Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror,
Storage Box Removal

- 2hr 24m 19s playing time
Set of 3 DVD's

This offer is for the set of 3 DVDs together
DVD 3: B&M Shifter installations
(2x in 996, 2x in 986)

- 2hr 6m 10s playing time

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